The World’s First Individualized, Team Training Experience
Proven to Systematically Improve Performance in All Ages & Fitness Levels
New from The Health & Fitness Provider of the PGA TOUR...
Improve Performance at Any Age Without Getting Injured
or Doing Exercises That Are Too Hard for You!
(50 sec video)
When Improving Movement Is Not the Focus of Your Training...
Pain, joint stress, loss of mobility and flexibility, poor performance, 
weakness, fat gain, low energy, and a high chance for injury occur. 
We understand the pain that you’re going through.
We know because we have been there.
Answers From Members Prior To Joining Perform6
Even if you exercise, you are probably asking yourself...

- “Why do I wake up feeling stiff and tight? / tightness & flexibility”

- “Why is my game getting worse, not better? (ex. golf, tennis) / sport/performance improvement”

- “Why am I tired all the time? / Lack of energy”

- “Why am I still in pain? / Pain free”

- “Why am I still fat? / Fat loss and old body”
What are the greatest problems with your golf game?
“It seems like all I’m doing is putting “band-aids” on my swing. I now have to play from the front tees because I can’t hit it as far as I used to which is pretty depressing.” 
Do you have any pain in your body?
“Yes, my back and elbow hurt like hell after playing." 
What will it cost you if you continue like this?
“My friend had to stop playing because his pain got so bad. This scares me a lot. If I couldn’t play, I would probably just mope around the house. I know I would drink a lot more which would probably kill me sooner.”
What are the greatest problems with your tennis game? 
“It seems like all I do is get injured when I play now. I can’t run down balls like I did in the past. I used to be able to step into the ball, but now it seems like I have lost all my power.” 
Do you have any pain in your body?
“Yes, my knees, back and elbow ache really bad after I play.” 
What will it cost you if you continue like this?
“I had to take some time off last year because I got injured. This took me away from my friends and the social environment at the club. I was pretty depressed. I can’t afford to get injured again.”
What are the greatest problems you are currently faced with? 
“I’m just so tired all the time. I want to be a great mom, but sometimes I just can’t get it all in. This makes feel terrible and feel like a failure as a mother.”
How has your body changed since having kids?
“I have been carrying around 10-15 extra pounds for years now. I have tried starving myself and a lot of different diets. Nothing seems to work.”
What will it cost you if continue like this?
“I feel like I lost myself over the past few years. I feel like my husband doesn’t understand me anymore. It breaks my heart because we used to be so close. We talked about divorce. I don’t want to break up our family.” 
What are the greatest problems with your game?
“I used to dominate when I was younger, but it seems like everyone is hitting it by me now.”
What do your coaches say you need to improve?
“They said I need more power, strength and lower body flexibility. If only I could add some muscle and at least touch my toes, I think I could be really good. I know the pros must be doing something different than I am.” 
What will it cost you if you don’t improve?
“It will cost me everything. My dream is to play in college. I have been thinking about this my whole life. I really feel if I don’t make progress this year, that’s it for me. I can’t imagine how bad that will feel.”
What are the greatest problems with your game?
“I hurt my knee last year. Every time I land, my knees go inward. The doctor said I could suffer a major knee injury next time if I don’t strengthen my legs.” 
What do your coaches say you need to improve?
“They said I need more power, strength and speed. It seems like the other girls have another gear getting to the ball. This kills my confidence and makes me feel bad about myself.” 
What will it cost you if you don’t improve?
“I would love to play in college. My coach said I have a lot of potential if I can only get stronger. I know I can’t afford to get injured again. It would probably be devastating to me if I don’t make the team.” 
If you’re feeling this way, it is not your fault...
The fitness industry has set you up for failure.
The big franchises only give you about 50% of what it takes to be successful. 
(We used to train this way and failed over and over again until we figured it out.)
I’m here to tell you they are wrong and there is another way.
Have you ever thought..?
“There must be a secret to how the pros train...”
(or the people in Hollywood)
You were right!
There is a way to... 
 and have it all...
The Secret Of The Pros (exposed)...
With professional athletes, moving well 
is the goal.  
(Only when moving well has been achieved, the pro advances their training or sport)  
In mainstream fitness (everybody else), moving often is the goal.
(More running, rowing, or weights regardless of poor form, previous injuries or limitations)
Think for a minute...
In the past, what did you do when you tried to get into shape?
That’s right... 
More cardio, more weights, more “doing”... 
Because your focus has been on exercise, instead of improving movement...
Your Performance Will Not Improve.
A similar example...
It would be like trying to win the Indy 500 car race
with bad tires, poor alignment, and a quarter tank of gas...
No matter how hard the driver presses on the gas peddle (more exercise), 
 you know the race is going to end badly (injuries, poor results).  
Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You
Knew The Secrets Of The Pros?
  • Imagine playing pain free again.
  • Imagine hitting it by your competition.
  • Imagine having the energy to finish your round strong or play with your kids (or grandkids) at the end of the day. 
  • Imagine being injury free and not hurting after your match.
  • Imagine getting to balls that you normally would have missed.
  • Imagine having another gear to overpower your younger competition.
  • Imagine becoming the woman you knew existed deep down in your soul. 
  • Imagine believing your an amazing mother, having unlimited energy and feeling whole again. 
  • Imagine having a new connection with your husband and him falling in love with you again. 
  • Imagine hitting it by your competition and feeling like you have the edge on every course.
  • Imagine training like a Tour Pro to prepare for a successful college career.
  • Imagine achieving your dreams and being the player little kids look up to. 
  • Imagine dominating your competition.
  • Imagine having new self-confidence in sports, school, and life. 
  • Imagine becoming a strong, assertive young woman who little girls want to be like when they grow up.
The Secret Is Movement!
With professional athletes, moving well is the goal.
(Only when moving well has been accomplished, the pro advance their training or sport.)

With mainstream fitness (i.e. everybody else), moving often is the goal. (More running, rowing, and weights regardless preexisting dysfunctions, limitations, or previous injuries.)

Think about it for a minute...

In the past, what did you do when you tried to get into shape...?

That’s right... More cardio, more weights, more “doing”...
There is a way to get the results you are after!
It’s surprisingly simple...
There is a way to get the results you are after! It’s surprisingly simple...
14-day Trial
Only at TPC Sawgrass
An easy-to-follow program, individualized for you. 
See What’s Included When You Decide to...
Coaching Technology ($249 Value)
 Technology individualizes your program off your personal data 
 Technology works around your preexisting injuries and limitations providing the safest training experience in the industry
 Technology demonstrates easier or harder exercises to accommodate all fitness levels
 Technology systematically improves movement and performance in all ages 
 Small group class sizes (6 people max) 
Functional Movement Screen ($149 Value)
 Pre-exercise screen tells us which exercises are safe for you and what exercises should be avoided
 Screen identifies areas that are tight, causing pain, or might lead to future injury
 Improve mobility and alleviate tightness with individual corrective exercise prescription
 Always know what you should be working on just like a professional athlete
Functional Movement Screen ($149 Value)
 Our pre-exercise screen tells us what exercises are safe for you and what exercises should be avoided
 Screen identifies areas that are tight, causingpain, or might lead to future injury
 The data is used to individualize your Mobile Coaching program
Mobile Coaching ($149 Value)
 Improve mobility right from your phone with your individualized corrective exercise strategy
 Learn how to foam roll to remove tightness and painful trigger points
 Enhance flexibility and discover how to stretch like a pro from the comfort of your living room
 Now you can improve performance 24/7 like a pro
Heart Rate Technology ($99 Value)
 Heart rate technology displays real-time heart rate, calories, and intensity 
 Get immediate feedback so you are always training in the correct zone to improve performance while managing safety and fatigue
 Once integrated, burn 500-1000 calories per P6 training session
Heart Rate Technology($99 Value)
 Heart rate technology displays real-time heart rate, calories, and intensity 
 Get immediate feedback so you are always training in the correct zone to improve performance while managing safety
 Once integrated, burn 500-1000 calories per training session
Body Composition Analysis ($129 Value)
Body composition analysis interprets the amount of muscle, fat and water in your body 
 Automatically track your progress for quick, lasting results
 Allows us to make immediate adjustments to your training or nutrition so you are always moving closer to your goals
 Personal report and analysis summary
Strategy Session ($199 Value)
 Review health history, training history, personal goals and screen results with your coach 
 Learn how we customize our program to achieve your individual results
 Discover pro nutrition strategies and leave with a goal specific plan
Custom Wristband ($49 Value)
 Custom wristband individualizes your P6 program
 Screen results are coded into your wristband so you and your coach always know which exercises are safe for you to perform 
 Never again perform an exercise that might injure you like those other places
 Provides a completely individualized training experience
Functional Movement Screen ($149 Value)
Our pre-exercise screen identifies areas that are tight, causing pain, or might lead to future injury
Learn what exercises are safe to perform as well as exercises exercises that should be avoided to prevent injury
P6 wristband safely guiding you through your training session choosing the best exercise for your individual needs
Body Composition Analysis ($129 Value)
Body composition analysis interprets the amount of muscle, fat and water in your body
Make immediate adjustments to your training and/or nutrition based off your personal data
Automatically track your progress and results
Receive a personal report
Mobile Coaching ($149 Value)
Mobile coaching programs give you the support you need when you need it
Learn how to foam roll and stretch like a pro from the comfort of your own home
Improve mobility with your individual corrective exercise strategy included
Always what to do just like a professional athlete
Mobile Coaching ($149 Value)
Mobile coaching programs give you the support you need when you need it
Learn how to foam roll and stretch like a pro from the comfort of your own home
Improve mobility with your individual corrective exercise strategy included
Always what to do just like a professional athlete
Performance Nutrition Meal Plans
Easy to follow meal plans including meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner with snacks in between. Tells you exactly what to eat and when to eat it!
 Complete with fat loss, maintenance, and athlete programs for men and women
Nutrition strategies stabilize blood sugar levels for maximum energy all day long
Mobility Programs
Step-by-step mobility programming safely guides you to improve range of motion, decrease tightness and safely correct movement limitations
Beginner, Intermediate / Advanced guided tracks
Complete upper body, lower body and daily mobility routines
Little to no equipment required
Performance Sleep
Learn the top 12 sleep strategies professional athletes and high achievers use to maximize performance
Quality sleep has been proven to improve fat loss, concentration, productivity, athletic performance, and immune function while decreasing risk for heart disease, strokes, Type 2 diabetes, depression, and inflammation throughout the body
Improving sleep is #1 on the performance hierchy list
Start recovering like a pro today
We have 7 safety strategies already in place before you ever perform you first rep. 
  •  Pre-exercise movement screen tells us exactly what exercises you can do and which ones to avoid in every P6 training session.
  • ​P6 wristband displays the data from your movement screen so your coach will know what exercises you can do and which ones to avoid
  • ​P6 technology works with your wristband and displays an alternate exercise for any limitations that have been identified by your screen.
  •   P6 technology preselects weight ranges for different exercises. (ie. in order to progress to the harder exercise, you must “test out” of the current exercise with a certain amount of load) Our goal is perfect form through a full range of motion using assistance, bodyweight, or with a weight. 
  • ​ Heart rate technology monitors training intensity and provide an overall cardiovascular safety net so you are always training at the correct intensity for your fitness level.
  • ​Certified strength and conditioning coach (certified to coach pro athletes) checks training form, motivates, and safely guides you through your training session.
“My schedule is already busy. How much time is this going to take per week?” 
  •   Actually, we are experts at optimizing time and knowing what to do when for maximum efficiency. We coach a lot of high achievers that don’t have much time to waste, from the PGA TOUR’s execute staff to busy TOUR pros that spend 6 months on the road traveling every year. They need to know exactly what to do and how long it will take to do it and now you will too. 
  • ​ We have created the most fully optimized, performance training system on the planet. In every training session, you will work on improving mobility, core strength, power, functional strength, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility all in about 60 minutes. Normally, performing all these training methods individually would take 2-3 hours! 
  • ​With our Perform6 mobile application, you can have our programming delivered right on your phone to start making improvements in as little as 10 minutes per day. Train when you want, where you want, with Perform6
I already have a trainer or work out on my own. Why do I need this?
  •   For over 20 years, we have been helping professional athletes, busy executives, men and women of every age and fitness level achieve the results, bodies, and lives they have set out for. 
  • ​ There are 6 secret principles that professional athletes use that the general public does not know about. There is actually a 6-step process to improving performance, just like making a cake or building a car in a factory. Without these 6 steps, you could be missing over 50% of necessary ingredients to change your body, improve performance, and change your life. 
  • ​We know why you have failed in the past. We know exactly the areas you are struggling with. We know what the fitness franchises are not doing for you. We know the correct direction to take to improve your movement, body and overall performance. We know, because we have been there, just like you. 
100% Money Back Guarantee
We are so confident that you will see the results you are looking for that we are willing to let you try out the program risk-FREE! If you don’t feel the product was worth your investment, contact us by email within 14 days and we will refund you 100%.
*To be eligible for this risk-free guarantee, you must have attended all 6 of your coaching sessions. If you still don’t see positive changes in your life, then you can send us everything you completed and we will happily refund you.
Perform6 has helped hundreds of people not only achieve their movement and performance goals, but their life goals as well.
Click Below To Be The Next Success Story!
A $1,420 Value, for Just $99!
Only at TPC Sawgrass. Money Back Guarantee!
Our Program Works for All Ages and Fitness Levels.
“Perform6 is the best of the best. If given the opportunity, I would highly recommend you working with P6.”
– Justin Heuber, Professional Golfer
“I can’t say enough great things about working with Perform6. They are extremely knowledgeable and have shown great care to help me improve. My overall movement, strength, and energy has never been better in my life!” 
– Cyndi Mona
“I first met Gabe when he was on TOUR with Vijay. The Perform6 training system is world class. There is nothing missing. The program is individualized and provides a custom training experience every workout.”
– Luke Guthrie, Professional Golfer
“I started my playing career with the New York Jets in the 1960’s. Over the past couple years, I had both hips replaced. The Perform6 training system seamlessly works around my limitations so I can continue to progress as I age. I give Perform6 my highest recommendation possible for all ages and fitness levels. Don’t go anywhere else.”
                                          – Bob Parrish, New York Jets 1965
I Know What You Must Be Thinking...
  "How can I stay injury free on this program?”...
  We have 7 safety precautions in every training session.  

1.    Pre-Exercise Movement Screen -  tells us precisely what exercises you can do and which ones need to be avoided based on your current data.

2.    Custom Wristband - displays your movement screen results so your coaches will be able to recommend the safest exercises for your current fitness level. 

3.    P6 Technology - individualizes your program by providing easier or harder exercises for every movement. Just like the story of Goldilocks, you are always provided with an exercise that is "just right" for your current fitness level. 

4.    Repetition Guidelines - once you can perform an exercise for a specific number of repetitions with perfect form, you may progress to the next difficult movement. If not, you will continue working on mobility and range of motion in that movement pattern.

5.    Weight Protocols -  once you can perform a movement with good form, with a certain amount of weight, you may progress to the next difficult exercise. If not, you will continue using assisted, bodyweight, or lighter loaded movements while you improve. 

6.    Heart Rate Technology - monitors training effort, calorie expenditure, and provides an overall cardiovascular safety net so you are always training at the correct intensity for your fitness level.

7.    Performance Coaches - provides instruction, checks training form, motivates, and safely guides you through your training session.
  “I’m a beginner. Is P6 going to be too hard for me?”...
  No way! You will now be training smarter, not just harder like those other places that can hurt you. Safely improving your movement is our #1 priority.
  The data from your movement screen pre-selects the exercises you can do and which ones to avoid for a completely individualized training experience.
  Our program adapts to you, not the other way around. Our technology works around previous injuries or limitations so you can begin making improvements on day one and start living life on your own terms.
  “Am I too old for P6?”... 
  Not at all! Perform6 has been safely designed for people of all ages and abilities. Our oldest clients are over 70+ years old. 
  Once you get started, you’ll find our program adjusts with you as you age, progresses as you improve and always works around your limitations. 
  We have a lot of "rock star" 60-70 year olds. Join the team to be forever young!
  “At what age should my kids start P6?”... 
  We recommend having your son or daughter start Perform6 at 11 years of age. Being able to focus, follow directions, and work towards a goal is the main criteria. If your young athlete is mature, they could start sooner. 
  Starting around age 11 will allow them to hit all their athletic training windows as they progress through middle school and high school. Our P6 strength and conditioning program will give them the best chance to reach their athletic potential for future success. 
  There was no P6 when we were young. As young athletes, we missed our athletic training windows and our performance suffered. Now as performance coaches, we understand the vital role P6 strength and conditioning has on the development of a young athlete. What an amazing gift you are able to give your kids. Please don't let you kids get left behind if you can help it. 
  “If my kids don't play a sport, will P6 benefit them?”... 
 All children need to be healthy and move well, regardless if they play a sport or not. P6 was designed to provide the complete training support to improve athleticism, overall health, and enhance confidence on and off the playing field. 
  Some of our kids don't play a sport. At P6, parents love their kids are learning to exercise the safe way, improving confidence and becoming better young men and women every coaching session.  
 It doesn't take long to see results. 2-3 days per week is all it takes to see improvement in your child's body composition, attitude, posture, and overall confidence. 
  We believe if we put our kids in a positive environment, believe in them, and speak life into them, they will rise to the top! We believe in them before them believe in themselves. When they start believing in themselves, watch out, they are ready to spread their wings and fly! 
  “I have failed at fitness before, will this 6-step approach work for me?”...
  We have tested and proven our 6-step process on over 6,000+ training sessions in our facility at TPC Sawgrass and with the PGA TOUR’s corporate fitness program. We have taken the very best strategies used by the best athletes in the world and created a 6-step training system that can be used by everyone.
  Most mainstream fitness programs leave out over 50% of what you really need (which the pros and Hollywood get). In the past, you have been doing the wrong things, at the wrong time, with only 50% of the ingredients. No wonder why you failed. It was not your fault. Today is your new day! Let's get started!!
  Our 6-step approach is like making the perfect cake with the best ingredients. Just like a recipe, each step builds on the previous one. This allows you to perform the correct exercises for you, in the correct order, all individualized to your current fitness level, making it super simple and easy to accomplish your goals. 
  “Isn’t this like one of those franchises where you run and row or that 45 minute one?”...
  Not at all! Actually, we are quite the opposite. Perform6 is completely individualized to you and changes based off of your personal data.
  We don’t take a cookie cutter approach like those other programs where everyone does the same exercises. That type of training can be dangerous as well as lead to injuries. Why would you want to do the same exercises as the stranger next to you in class? Don’t you have different bodies, goals, and individual needs..?
  At P6, you will be using industry first technology that safely guides you through your custom workout. You will be working on what matters most for you, not just doing random exercises that make you tired, but don’t make you better.
  In every workout, you will be improving mobility, glute and core strength, power development, functional strength, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility, all individualized for you!
  “How much time is P6 going to take per week?”
  At P6, we are experts in optimizing time. 2-3 hours per week is all it takes to see improvement and accomplish your goals. 
  In each 60 minute training session, you will be improving mobility, core strength, power, functional strength, metabolism, and flexibility. Normally, performing all these methods individually would take over 2 hours in the gym!
  Our P6 mobile application provides additional programming you can do off days or while traveling so you always have what you need at a time convenient for you. 
  “I work out at home. Why can’t I just do it on my own?”
  I also thought at one time that I could do it all by myself, that I didn’t need coaching. After personally failing a ton of times, I realized that no one gets to the top alone. All the top athletes have coaches. Heck, even Tiger Woods and Lebron James have coaches. They all rely on coaches (seasoned veterans who have been there before) to improve. 
  As I grew older, I started to experience pain in my body that I was not accustomed to due to years of performing body part training and using a lot of machines. I knew there had to be a better way. This daily pain that I experienced helped spawn the creation of Perform6. Most mainstream fitness programs today still use the same bodybuilding strategies of the 1970’s. 
  If your car's engine is smoking, take it to a mechanic. If you leg is broken, go to a doctor. If you have a fitness goal, we are your fitness and performance team. 
  "I already have a trainer. Why do I need to try P6?"
  P6 is a combination of 20+ years of experience coaching athletes and other high performance individuals. Most programs are missing over 50% of what the professional athlete is doing on a regular basis in the gym. 
  If your current program consists of body part training (chest, back, arms, etc) or using machines, you are not training like an athlete. You are not teaching your body to function as one, fluid system. You might be getting stronger, but you are not getting better. Your performance (golf, tennis, all other sports) are going to suffer as you now have a higher probability for injury if you ever try to move fast. 
 P6 has been tested and refined on over 6,000+ training session to give you the most well rounded, high performance training system that has ever been created. 
 As coaches, we know if we can learn one piece of information, one nugget, that can help get us to our goals faster, the price is worth it. 
  P6 will help you accomplish your goals in exponentially quicker time. If you don't agree, we will give you a complete refund. 
Are You Ready To Move Better,
Feel Better, and Perform Better?
One Time Charge of $99
Money Back Guarantee!
HURRY, before this sells out! 
Limited Time Offer!
  After I purchase the Be ProStrong 14-Day Trial, how do I get started?
A: When you purchase the program, a Perform6 team member will be contacting you within 24 hours to schedule your strategy session and first workout.
  How will the programs be delivered to me?
A: The Be ProStrong programs are a digital product that will be sent to you in PDF form. When you purchase the program, you will be able to access the Be ProStrong content from the Order Confirmation page. You will also be sent an email containing the access link to your Be ProStrong content. Once you click the access link, you will be able to view the content in your browser and you will have the option to download it to your computer.
  How does the Be ProStrong trial provide so many great results?
A: By effectively eliminating all movements that just make you tired (instead of making you better), now you will be working on exercises individualized to you and that provide the greatest return to improve movement and overall performance.
  How many coaching session are included in the 14-Day trial?
A: You get up to 6 coaching session over your 14-Day trial. Sessions can be used at your convenience as long as there is a spot open in a class.
  What if I don't use all 6 sessions within 14 days?
A: The unused sessions will expire after 14 days. 
  How many people are there in each small group training session?
A: A maximum of 6 people per training session. Depending on the time, sometimes there may be less. If it’s only you, then you get a private session at no additional charge! (other programs have 20-30+ people per class)
  What if I’m not a fan of some of the items in the performance meal plan?
A: Our nutrition programs are goal specific (fat loss, maintenance, athlete) and come with both men and women programs. All come with plenty of healthy, performance-friendly options that you can substitute in for those meals in the program you may not like.
  I’m interested in trying it out Perform6, but what if I have an existing health condition?
A: If you have cardiovascular disease or are pregnant/breast feeding, it is best to consult your healthcare provider before trying out Perform6. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at
  After the trial is over, how much does Perform6 cost to continue?
A: Our program averages about $38 per coaching session for a regular attending member. All sessions are Individualized to you and your personal needs. 
  What makes our Perform6 coaches better?
A: Perform6 coaches are certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS). They also have advanced Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and Functional Movement Systems (FMS) training certifications. They have also coached athletes at the collegiate and/or professional level.
To Sum It All Up
Here’s What You Get When You Join Now
Increase Your Results with Industry First Coaching Technology ($249 Value)
1 on 1 Coaching Session to Identify Your Goals & Nutrition Needs ($199 Value)
24/7 Mobile Coaching to Assist with Your Busy Schedule ($149 Value)
Get Rid of Pain & Tightness with Our Mobility & Flexibility Programs ($149 Value)
Individualize Your Program with our Movement Screen ($149 Value)
 Men & Women Nutrition Plans for Fat Loss, Maintenance, Athletes ($199 Value)
Track Your Progress with our Body Composition Analysis ($129 Value)
 See Your Calories & Effort In Real Time with our HR Technology ($99 Value)
Increase Safety with our Custom Wristband ($49 Value)
 Optimize Sleep & Recovery with Performance Sleep ($49 Value)
Total Value: $1,420
But today, you’re getting all of this...
For Only $99
Limited Time Offer! Money Back Guarantee!
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