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Proven to Improve Performance in All Ages & Fitness Levels
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Learn Why You Must Train Like A Pro 
(If You Want To Avoid Injury and Improve Movement)
The 6 Steps Pros Use To Improve Performance 
Movement is how we prepare your body to move by improving range of motion in your ankles, hips, upper back, and shoulders, while lengthening muscles that may be tight and causing pain.
Step 2: PILLAR
Pillar is the center of the body which includes the hips, core, and shoulders. Pillar is how we strengthen your glutes, core, and upper back postural muscles to improve stability, transfer power and prevent injury. 
Step 3: POWER
Power trains the legs, core, and upper body to generate maximum force with speed in multiple planes of motion. 
Strength is how we teach your body to become functionally stronger in movements that are performed in sports and everyday life.
Step 5: ENERGY
Energy is how we develop your cardiovascular and energy systems to improve performance, increase metabolism and lose body fat. 
Recovery is our post-workout flexibility strategy which takes each joint through its full range of motion to bring your body back into balance after training.
What Is Perform6?
Perform6 is the first ever individualized, fitness coaching technology
proven to improve movement and performance in all ages and fitness levels.
Unlike the multi-franchised gyms that hurt many of their members
Perform6 technology gives you a safer, customized, and individualized way to train
Our self-screening technology establishes a movement baseline 
to select the best exercises to work around your limitations. 
The six performance steps improve range of motion, posture, core strength, power, 
functional strength, energy levels, metabolism, and flexibility.
State-of-the-art video teaching technology safely guides you through your workout.  
When improving movement is not the focus... 
Pain, unnecessary joint stress, poor results, and increased potential for injury occur. 
Isn't it time you tried fitness the professional way?
 Welcome to Perform6.

Corporate Health and Fitness Provider of the PGA TOUR

Over the past two decades coaching athletes and other high achievers, I have found a great problem the fitness industry... 

Professional athletes get the best of everything, the best training, the best tools, and best systems... The people who really need professional training the most, you, receive the least. 

I needed to create a system that not only helps athletes get better, but also regular men and women just like you and me who want to improve their movement and performance. 

If you are reading this, you already know the fitness industry has failed you. 

I am here to tell you that it is not your fault. 

Most fitness programs are missing over 50% of what the professionals do to improve their performance. 
Now imagine...

What if you had a product that safely improves movement and performance in all ages and fitness levels?
Welcome to Perform6. 
Gabriel Lopez
“Perform6 is the best of the best. I would highly recommend you working with P6.”
           - Justin Hueber, Professional Golfer
"Gabe has done wonders to improve my mobility    and golf performance." 
            - Fred Funk, Professional Golfer

"I first met Gabe when he was on Tour with Vijay. The Perform6 training system is world class."
         - Luke Guthrie, Professional Golfer
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